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Help Cool Moms Stay That Way!

A Very Miller All Month Long Mother’s Day.

May is Mother’s Day month at Miller Heating and Cooling, and, as far as gifts go, we at Miller feel like HVAC Maintenance and Indoor Air Quality might just be the new breakfast in bed or bouquet of flowers (okay, maybe in addition to those.) There’s just something about a clean condenser unit, and crossing a long overdue item off the home maintenance to-do list that says, “I care.” For all the times the mom-of-the-house has kept her cool, doesn’t she (and the rest of the family) deserve to stay cool in the fast approaching hot Delaware Summer? Indubitably.

There are many motherly words of wisdom that have endured over time. The adage, “A stitch in time, saves nine” may as well have been written by the mother of an HVAC specialist, because there’s no better way to preemptively avoid a costly unexpected breakdown than with an AC Tune Up, particularly before the Delaware heat kicks it up a notch.

There is a breezy calm that accompanies knowing you and your loved ones will stay cool this Summer, and that mom will only need to worry about stirring that refreshing glass of lemonade (and, let’s be real, performing the other 800 items on her list of responsibilities.) Show her you value her time, and her comfort, by making that call to Miller (but seriously, don’t forget to pick up a bouquet of flowers.)

While we’re there getting your HVAC system in shape, we’d be remiss if we didn’t test your indoor air quality, check on the state of your ducts, and remove any mold, mildew or other unhealthy debris from your vents. Air duct cleaning and dry vent cleaning  promotes energy efficiency and safety. Mom will be so impressed, and when she takes a breath of fresh air, you can be sure it’s really fresh!

Mom will appreciate you hiring the best. Miller Heating and Air has been voted the best in Delaware more than 10 times. We’re experts in HVAC technology, and we’ve seen everything throughout our years in the business, whether you have a Ductless/Mini-Split, Central or a Ducted System. We’re one of the premier cooling contractors serving New Castle County, and all work is performed by experienced, highly trained technicians, licensed, bonded & insured.

So go ahead and help a cool mom you know stay cool this Summer!

Miller Heating and Cooling serves residential and commercial customers in many areas of Delaware, including Dover and Newark. Whether you’re new to our growing area, or a long time resident, you can rely on our team of experienced technicians. Call us at: 302-750-2409 or visit our website: www.millerheatingandcooling.net.


Let’s hear it for mom! Hip, hip, hooray!!


Now, don’t forget the flowers.